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……an information and community site for empty nesters, getting the most out of life, supporting children at university and enjoying all the new freedoms and opportunities of an empty nest.

My name is Sue, and I am editor in chief of emptynesting
I’m in my mid fifties, and one of the growing millions of empty nesters that belong to the Image 1baby boomer and sandwich generation.
Talking to my fellow empty nester friends most of us now feel that, whilst acknowledging the sense of loss and change that the words “empty nest” conjure up, the reality of an empty nest is much more about the opportunities for new life experiences. In fact in a survey of 3500 women over half said they really enjoy the extra freedom of an empty nest, and whilst 24% said they felt very upset when their children left home, 37% said their home was much calmer and 13% enjoyed not having to cook so much. Some mums even rated regaining control of the TV remote as cause for celebration!
We empty nesters enjoy more freedom and leisure opportunities, and we can work without having to juggle half a dozen other things at the same time. Some of us go back to work part-time and many make a huge contribution by doing voluntary work. We also tend to travel more as vacation breaks outside school holiday periods are so much cheaper.
On top of this, all of us are aware of wanting to stay fit and healthy in mid life, and if possible keep the grey hairs at bay along the way!

Having an empty nest brings with it a lot of new potential, and our emptynesting site is the result of much research and pooled experiences, so I do hope you enjoy our regular blogs and the community we have created. Follow me on twitter @ukemptynester.

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