Are you anti ageing?

If you are ‘anti’ something you are opposed to it or against it. How on earth can we be opposed to what is, inevitably, something that happens to every one of us?

So it really winds me up to see ‘anti aging’ in every bit of marketing that promotes make up to we middle aged ladies. Anti abuse, anti theft, anti apartheid, anti descrimination –yes we are very much anti all of these. But how on earth can you be anti aging? Yes we all want to look good, be fit and stay healthy, but we will all age. You can botox your face until the cows come home, but you can’t stop your organs aging so there is no point being anti it. Otherwise it is like saying you are prejudiced against 25% of the workplace!

It’s not a word that is going to make you feel great as you enter middle age. Its not a word that makes me want to buy a manufacturer’s make up and face care products either. We cannot defy nature’s course.

Aging is an attitude that requires a positive approach. You can’t fight it, it will happen, so lets aim for vitality, fitness and enthusiasm for this third age of life.

Just think what aging gives us.  Life’s experiences make us wiser and more confident, and our lives are all the richer for it. Middle age should not be a last ditch attempt to grasp our youth. It’s an opportunity to develop and build on all that we have learned, to celebrate what we have achieved, and to plan with anticipation what we are going to do next.

Yes I do have facials, and I have my hair highlighted, but no way am I ‘anti’ aging, and I hope you aren’t either!

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