Are you vitamin B deficient?

According to Dr Mark Porter in a recent Times article, “1 in 20 of us could be suffering from a deficiency of this vital vitamin.”He suggests that if you are feeling tired all the time, are finding that your memory isn’t that great, or that you are struggling to do physical tasks that otherwise you would have done without a second thought, then maybe a lack of Vitamin B12 is the reason – apart from advancing years of course! For the full article click here

Vit B12 is found in fish, meat, eggs and milk, and deficiency is more prevalent in older people.  It is vital for formation of red blood cells, and for brain and CNS (central nervous system) function. A deficiency can make your brain feel foggy, and even result in depression, as fatigue ad a general feeling of lethargy and lack of ‘get up and go’ take over.

Vegans and diabetics are particularly at risk, as are people suffering from coeliac’s disease and ulcerative colitis. You can get a blood test done, to identify your B12 levels, but there is some dispute about what level is an acceptable minimum, so you may get a result that says your levels are ok when really they are just bobbing along at the lowest acceptable marker.

Cytoplan’s Vit B12 tablets 

I have also been told to take Vit B supplements after the menopause, and to maintain a healthy liver – where we hold large stores of Vit B12. I have just ordered some from Cytoplan, a company recommended to me by a nutritionalist, as their ‘Food State’ supplements are better absorbed and more effective than your average over the counter vitamin supplements.  Go to cytoplan