Ballgowns at the V&A

V&A Ballgowns

V&A BallgownsThe V&A is a real treasure trove of exhibitions and entrance is free, although they rightly request a £3.00 donation. A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I went to the Ballgowns exhibition, and it is well worth a visit. It was an extensive exhibition with some classic designer dresses from the 1920’s onwards, donated by the wearers.I found it interesting to see that whilst materials and patterns changed, many of the dresses were still wearable today – until you got into the extreme designer wear section where the neoprene and feather numbers would have looked a little out of place at a local charity ball.

Most interesting were the dresses that were accompanied by a photograph of the wearer, and I felt that it was a shame there weren’t more of those.

From the Emmanuel’s (of Princess Diana’s wedding dress fame)  was a dress that Liz Hurley wore for an iconic Estee Lauder ad in 1999– the perfect floral full skirted wedding dress.

Emmanuel dress for Liz Hurley in Estee Lauder adsThere was an amazing feather concoction by Alexander McQueen, which Daphne Guinness wore in 2011. Guinness had earlier intrigued those who passed by the window of Barneys, the New York store, by getting ready for the evening event in the window!

Dress worn by Princess Diana

There was an instantly recognizable dress worn by Princess Diana – I can’t remember who designed it, but here it is and I’m sure you will recognize it.

Some designers had donated their dresses, but I felt they could maybe have chosen other pieces that would have done them more justice. anyway, my daughter found her ideal wedding dress, which she duly photographed for future reference for an as yet completely unknown  event.

Anyway here are a selection of my favoutites – go and enjoy it whilst it is on, and after that you have the whole amazing V&a  to wander round, though I always find a couple of hours at one go is enough – by then I need a quick whisk round the shop, a coffee fix and some fresh air.

Daphne Guinness' dress

Wedding Dress?

Metallic Leather

Foil dress