Book Club: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

My book club had a lively discussion about the chosen book of the month- THE MINIATURIST  by Jessie Burton
We unanimously agreed on our enjoyment of reading the page turner but we were mystified as to who the talented miniaturist was
Were we missing something or was this by design?
We discussed what Amsterdam in the late 17th Century would have been like, with its immense opulence and extreme religious repression, the life of the merchant spice traders on the open seas with their lack of navigational aids, truly an incredible period of adventure, risk and trade.
The multiple plots and intrigue in the book together with the many different and varied characters were captivating: Nella, the main character who one sympathised with, and her awful predicament at such a young age; her distant husband Johaness who she didn’t know before marriage and who although sexually disinterested in her was actually very fond of her; the hateful and bitter sister-in-law Marin who seemed not to have a life until all is revealed later in the book, the servants Otto ,and Cornelia etc etc  and of course the Miniaturist …….

A great read and really hard to put down.

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