Bouquet arranging for beginners – like me!

The key is to make sure your flowers have a good drink , so cut off their bottoms and stand them in a bucket. Then to “condition” the flowers leave them overnight in a cool dark place, with plant food dissolved in the water.
Flowers can be seared to condition them too, by immersing for 30 seconds max in boiling water.
Euphorbia must be seared, as must Fatsia and Stachys ( lambs ears).

Hydrangeas can be completely submerged in the bath overnight to refresh them.

Cerinthe major ( purple ) and Argentia (silver) are both great for arranging, as are jasmine, clematis, mint and rosemary, which must all be conditioned too.

Beech and eucalyptus are particularly good for foliage
Vibernum opulus roseum is stunning for arrangements . Cut its stems vertically up the bottom inch of stem before searing and conditioning.
Honesty is also an ideal filler for arranging, as is Hydrangea when used in small bits for ‘hot fuzz’ depth to the arrangement.

Before using each stem you should be brutal and remove all leaves as they will make the water stagnant.
Never use 2 or 4 sprays. Use only odd numbers, at least 5.
A good combination is 3 flowers and 3 foliage types.

Start by holding the foliage in your left hand.
Post each stem in at “2.00 pm” into the front, then lift and turn by a 1/4 .Rotate the bunch in your left hand as you insert each spray with your right hand ( or vice versa if left handed), keeping the stems at about “2.00pm” to the vertical to create the bouquet spread.

Tie the bouquet high up the stems by your fist, and tie it firmly.
Spray the arrangement daily .

And an oasis tip:
To soak oasis never push it into the water – let it float and gradually it will absorb the water without air bubbles. There is no need to water oasis if it is properly soaked . Insert the stems like an arrow with ends cut at angle.