Could You Be A Mature Model?

Sometimes we all wish we could be 18 again, reliving the days of youth and beauty which have seemingly escaped us. Perhaps we were beauty queens in our heyday, or perhaps even more upsettingly, we never realised our full potential – and now it’s too late.

Except… it’s not. Society has long defined beauty in terms of unattainable images that are out of reach even for those who actually are teenagers, but thankfully, things seem to be changing. Whether it’s the realisation that (gasp) we, too, can be beautiful even in our more mature years, or the fact that supermodels of years gone by are literally proving this, it doesn’t matter; the years of the dowdy and drab older woman are thankfully long gone.

When the kids are around, it’s easy to think of ourselves in terms of how others see us. More often than not, this tends to be “mother”. While this is a big part of who many women are, it doesn’t actually define us, and it’s okay to begin experimentation with fashion and beauty, just like our daughters. By now, we probably have an idea of what works for us and what doesn’t, that comes with experience – but don’t be afraid to push boundaries.

What About Modelling?

Although many agencies will still have a particular “look” in mind, as many women wake up to the realisation that fashion is absolutely for them, too, older models are in demand. If you feel you missed your chance, here it is.

According to UK Models, mature women can absolutely secure modelling work in the industry, which is welcome news to many who perhaps yearn for hobbies to make them feel interesting again after the kids have long moved out!

Of course, you will still need to take good care of yourself, so keeping yourself active is important. Toned physiques are more likely to find work, and so you can add another social activity to your list in going to the gym! However, the fashion world is also opening itself up to plus-sized models, so don’t be too discouraged if this sounds more like you; the body positivity movement is embracing women of all shapes and sizes in ways that it never has before. If you’re unsure, practice a few poses in the mirror, and get a friend or partner to take some snaps of you to see how you do.

It’s all about having confidence, which is something you may well have picked up over the years! Your personality is a very big part of things, too.

If you don’t believe that older women can have success, just look at the absolute stunning beauty that is Carmen Dell’Orefice. She is 85 years old and just closed out a couture runway show, outshining her counterparts in their early twenties.

Prefer “Just For Fun”?

Some people just don’t feel confident in front of a camera, or perhaps with work and other commitments, they just don’t feel they’d have the time. Of course, many are afraid of rejection, and that’s fine – it sadly comes along with the territory of modelling in general!

However, that doesn’t mean you need to be excluded from the fashion industry! Everything from our skin to our hair to our metabolism changes as we age, so those tried-and-tested routines and styles of our teens and twenties may no longer be working for us.

Don’t panic! There’s nothing to stop you from going to a make-up counter at your local department store and asking for make-up advice; often they’ll give you a free makeover if you’re prepared to buy some products. Don’t worry at all about seeming out of place – they’re professionals, and if anything, they’ll be happy to serve you because whether it’s true or not, they’ll assume that people with life experience probably have more money, too! You can also ask for clothing and style advice in your favourite shops as well, whether your aim is to look classic, flattered, or even ten years younger.

Look out for fun opportunities like charity fashion shows and photoshoots with friends. They’ll help build up your confidence, you can show off how amazing you look, and you may even be able to help a good cause. Strutting your stuff on the catwalk doesn’t need to be about making money or making a name for yourself, it can just help you to feel good!

The only reason people say fashion is for the young is because nobody ever really told them otherwise. Women of all ages are being given far more options now, so if you want to get involved, you have every right!