Do you want to be your own boss? Here are six ideas to get you started…

Whilst traditional employment has many advantages, such as job security and employee benefits, there’s nothing quite like the freedom that comes with running your own business. Today, there are endless opportunities for self-employment, whatever your skills and experience. Here are six to get you started:

Driving Instructor

If you’re good behind the wheel, patient, and good at communicating with other people, perhaps you should consider a career as a driving instructor. There are many driving schools out there that work with drivers on a self-employed basis. Alternatively, you could set up your own, local driving school. If you decide to go down this route, you’ll need to research the safety requirements, and make the necessary alterations to your vehicle before you can get started.

Pub Landlord 

Do you have a passion for good beer, food and socialising? Running your pub no longer has to be a pipe dream, and you can get started with minimal investment. Thanks to schemes, such as Greene King’s Pub Partners, you can lease the premises and get all the help you need to start your new business. This is perfect if you want to be your own boss, but would like to minimise the financial risk involved.


Domestic cleaning – the chore we all love to hate! If you don’t mind donning the marigolds and getting stuck in, this may be the perfect opportunity for your new venture. Nowadays, thanks to the hectic family schedule, people simply don’t have enough time to keep on top of their cleaning, which has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people hiring a domestic cleaning company. If you’re a perfectionist with a good eye for detail, this could be a highly successful career choice.

Landscaper flowers

Similarly, people have less time to tend to their gardens than they used to. In an ideal world, they’d like to enjoy their garden without having to spend hours potting plants, mowing the lawn, or digging up weeds. If you have green fingers and want to spend more time outdoors, why not start your own landscaping business? There may be an initial cost to purchase the right equipment. However, if you already spend a great deal of time in your own garden, you may be able to utlise what you already have. 

Yoga Instructor

Does your ideal day revolve around yoga? If you’re a yogi fanatic, and spend your days waiting for 5pm to arrive so you can hit the mat, why not transform your passion into a career? Yoga studios such as The Yoga People in London offer affordable yoga training courses to students of all ages and abilities. If you work hard to win new clients, yoga can be a highly profitably career choice.

Online Researcher

If none of the above ideas appeal to you, and you’d rather spend your days working from the comfort of your own home, the Internet has made this possible! An online researcher is hired by companies to help them get hold of a wide range of information, from marketing data to scientific research. If your friends come to you when they need to find something, the chances are you’d be able to help local businesses too – all without leaving the house.

woman at computer