Where to eat in Ushuaia, the world’s most southerly town.

Ushuaia, Patagonia – If you are lucky enough to get to see this amazing part of the world, you will realise how important food is to the Argentinians.

Here are my restaurant and cafe recommendations:

A must see for coffee is Ramos Generales on the sea front between 9 del Julio and Juana Fadul. I think it is the original general store for Ushuaia.

A very lucky find recommended by some Americans was Maria Lola restaurant Gdor. Deloqui 1048. Absolutely delicious fish, and of course steak!

Paso Garibaldi was also delightful.

Chez manu – more expensive but again good value.

Recommended but we didn’t get to try it as guide said the one in town wasn’t as good as the one in the industrial area and that was too far out.

Fish – Viejo Marinos on the sea front between Gob Godoy and Rivadavia. Heaving and unless you arrive by 6.30/ 7.00 , it is an experience not to be missed. You have to get a ticket and wait at least an hour as it is so popular. Cheap and cheerful and fabulous fish and crab.

Freddy ( sea food and crabs again) on San Martin, between Gob Gody and Roca. Cheap and cheerful.

Also there is an ‘Isabel’ and ‘Casimira Bigua’ which we tried in El Calafate and found to be excellent.