Going to Myanmar / Burma? Here are some packing tips:

Going on holiday to Burma?
We had an amazing time there this year and I hope you find the following feedback useful when it comes to packing.
A few packing tips are worth noting: you can get clothes laundered quite cheaply in all good hotels, or you can use one of the many street laundries, so you can relax and pack less. We hardly saw any mosquitos, flies or wasps, but malaria tablets are recommended and mosquito spray is essential. Take hand sanitizer and a couple of packs of wipes which are useful to clean not only your hands but also your feet, as there is a lot of walking around without shoes in the temples. Take flip flops for temple visits, as they are easy to take off and it won’t matter so much if they get lost. longhi 2
Dress code is conservative, surprisingly so in Yangon, where no one wore shorts – neither men or women, and you never saw women wearing stroppy tops. You would get lots of unimpressed looks and you would feel odd. Sleeveless dresses are fine.
Take loose trousers or a long skirt or go equipped with a large safety pin and buy a traditional longhi when you arrive – good luck mastering the art of longhi wearing, which seems to involve wrapping it around your waist like a corset. Elsewhere long shorts to the knee were acceptable in most places, and some temples will let you hire a longhi, but take a wrap or loose trousers to pull on just in case. Shoulders should be covered but sleeveless tops are okay if they are not strappy. It can be a pain to wear long clothes in the heat, but it’s often easier and you will feel more comfortable conforming to
It is essential to take dollars,which must be pristine, unfolded and in brand new mint condition as you can either pay direct in dollars or use them to buy kyats, the local currency. Tips to guides and drivers are okay in US$ in the capital, but elsewhere it is a cash economy so change dollars to kyats at the airport on arrival or in large towns, and tip in kyats, as few will have bank access. Take a large bag to carry the money in as you will get given large packs of notes packs of notes, and a wallet or money belt won’t be big enough! The pile to the right is about $200, and £1 is about 2000 kyats.
Look out for further blogs on travelling in Burma.