Here are my New Year resolutions

Ok, so they are a bit late, but I’m a firm believer that if New Year’s resolutions are to stand any chance of attainment then they are not to be rushed into. What’s that expression about acting in haste and repenting at leisure?




1.Firm up sagging muscles on tummy, thighs and arms by doing regular weight and resistance exercises. Step one (the easy bit) is complete as I have now bought a pair of dumbells.

2. Do more walking. Drag husband out at weekends, preferably ensuring there is a good pub en route for some (low calorie of course) sustenance. Book at least one big walk a week with girl friends. I really do think that at this time of year, with such low light levels, getting out into the fresh air is so beneficial. 

3. Wear sunscreen at all times. A beautician recently took a photo of my face with one of those cameras that picks up all the sun damage, and I was horrified at all the mottled brown patches.

4. Cook at least one new “never cooked by me before” dish each week, which will get me back looking at my stash of recipe books for inspiration. Here is the first one, chicken with cannelini beans and chorizo:

5. Bake some interesting bread – I have a ‘dough raising’ temperature setting on the oven so there really is no excuse.

Sloe spotting

6. Pick next autumn’s sloes earlier for sloe gin. Have you ever tried to pick prickly tiny sloes when someone else has got there before you and taken all the big low down ones? Leave it late and then also your sloe gin isn’t ready for Christmas.

7. Go on a cookery course to learn a new style of cooking.

8. Power clean the paving round the house so that we don’t dice with a slippery path when going to the bin.

9. Sort out the shed. All those never to be used plastic pots, tools put away unclean and unoiled, mower all clagged up with grass cuttings sort of thing. Then get husband off into the garage to do the same thing.

10. Improve my Italian which I am plodding on with. The trouble is remembering it all.

So there you go. I feel there should be more, but 10 is enough to be getting on with for the moment. wish me luck, and good luck with yours too.

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