Empty nest syndrome arrived big time when our youngest recently left home to Sue Portraitmove into London, and then it hit me – this really was the start of a totally different phase of my life. I had some very mixed emotions. The house was suddenly a lot quieter, and I missed all their comings and goings and hearing about the ups and downs of the girls’ lives on a daily basis. On the other hand I was thinking ‘less washing and cooking’, ‘ no need to constantly restock the fridge’ and ‘less need to exert my peacemaking and diplomatic talents!’ I must admit that through these changing times I could feel an exciting and liberating sense of empty nest freedom bubbling up to the surface too.

I have experienced a whole range of empty nest emotions, and changes in the household’s dynamics – not least of which was the prospect of the long forgotten experience of being child free for the first time in a couple of decades.

Woman walking on cliff topTalking to my fellow empty nest girl friends most of us now feel that, whilst acknowledging the sense of loss and change that the words empty nest conjure up, the reality of an empty nest is much more about the opportunities for new life experiences. Some of us want to enjoy our new freedom and leisure time, and others are relishing being able to work and not juggle half a dozen other things at the same time. Other friends are contemplating going back to work part-time or doing voluntary work. The prospect of vacation breaks outside school holiday periods sounds wonderful – and cheap! So having an empty nest does bring with it a lot of new potential.
On top of this, all of us are aware of wanting to stay fit and healthy as we enter mid life, and if possible banish the odd wrinkle and keep the grey hairs at bay along the way.

With these ideas buzzing about I realised that what was wanted was a web site notSignpost only to support parents through the transition period of an empty nest, but also a site for all women who fall into that ‘middle age’ category. We are either approaching 50 or have already got there, but 50 is definitely the new 40, and many of our best years for opportunities and experiences are still to come. Let’s face it, one of the positives of reaching this stage in our lives is that we have more time to ourselves to do the things we want to do, and probably a bit more money to spend doing it.

So here it is – the result of much research and pooled experiences, and I really hope you enjoy emptynesting and the community it has created. There is a regular empty nest blog, and we would love to have your input via the empty nest forums .

As emptynesting grows we will be incorporating your views and ideas with our research to ensure we provide you with up to date and inspiring news on the topics that are important to you.

As part of the baby boomer generation we are now the fastest growing demographic in both the UK and USA. We are the ‘silver surfers’ of the technological world, and we contribute hugely to the economy and our communities. More than any other generation before us we are also embracing our middle and later years with enthusiasm and activity. Emptynesting is your platform to promote our underserved but growing voice in the media.