How do you help your kids narrow down their choice of university.


There is now so much information available on the internet, and so many ranking tables of ‘best’ university that the selection process can seem like a minefield. What does ‘best’ mean – is it based on hard facts and statistics or more woolly criteria? Who wrote the report and why – what is their angle and are they reliable?

University brochures contain a lot of slick marketing. After all, students and we parents are becoming very discerning customers, faced with the prospect of spending £27,000 on an educational establishment. So comparing and contrasting all the information available, and looking through all the hype can be hard. Go to Choosing A University for full details.

First there are the official sites of the individual universities and :
UCAS  at
and the Government at 

Then there are all the ranking tables, which pull together  a variety of  less official criteria, such as student enjoyment,post university employment stats etc:

The Times do one at
The Telegraph has a University Course Finder at
QS offers
and there is the Complete University Guide at www.the 

One of the best sites for potential students to look at is The Student Room at where there are loads of info full forums. Student newsletters are often now on line and will give a good feel for what’s on on the social side.

Good luck!