How should a man give a compliment?

I’ve just read that someone has carried out a survey into how best a man should deliver a compliment. As all men know, this can be a minefield, as we women don’t necessarily take a compliment in the way it was intended.

The survey spokesman said ‘women are complex creatures and men would be mistaken to think they couldn’t go wrong with a compliment’, and how right he is!

The survey showed that 87% of men said they give regular compliments to their other halves, but that over a third of women end up in a bad mood because they take the compliment the wrong way. As my husband would say “I just can’t win!’ and of course they can’t. If my husband gives me flowers ( a rare event outside of our wedding anniversary) I must admit I assume he has either done something wrong, or is about to ask a major favour.

So you may want to pass this onto your husband/ partner:

Top of the well received compliment charts is to say we have lost weight or look slim. Don’t tell us we look well, as we will assume that means we look fat. Steer clear of saying a dress is ‘figure hugging’ too, as that infers a weight issue.

Next in line is a compliment about having a nice smile and then nice hair. Husbands should take note here, as one of the worst things they can do is not notice that a woman has had her hair done. Mine did recently and I was NOT impressed.

Then comes compliments on how well whatever we are wearing suits us, or of course that we look gorgeous.

Comments best avoided include saying that our makeup looks good, as we will think that means we are wearing too much. Being described as ‘curvy’ is another dangerous one, along the same lines as suggesting a dress is ‘figure hugging’.

The survey concluded that ‘most men probably live in fear of getting it wrong’. Oh dear! Well, maybe the above guidelines will help.