How to combat middle age brain fog

I’ve just read an article that says after 45 your brain is sliding down the slippery slope of deterioration. That means I have already left the top of the slide and am beyond being able to grab the top rungs and cling on. Do you have those conversations about ‘thingy who starred in that film with wotsit’? What are the chances of forgetting to do something if you don’t make a list?

How often do you find yourself trying to recall someone’s name, able to reel off the husband’s name, the childrens’ names, even the dog’s name, but completely unable to recall the name of your friend that you saw only last week. You know, thingy, with the mass of dark hair and the two boys in whatsit’s class. It will come to me in a minute…

Then there is the moment when you go to do or get something from your bedroom, get there, and find you have completely forgotten what you went for. For me, I have to then retrace my steps, go back to where I started and then I will remember.

Sometimes I worry that I am getting middle age brain fog, or the first signs of Alzheimer’s, but then I take comfort in the fact that half my friends seem to have the same problem. Convoluted conversations strike up trying to remember the title of a film someone has seen, or a person, and its like 10 ways of describing the thing in a round about way. Then someone else will chip in with ‘Yes, I know who you mean’ and they join in with their anecdotal comments, until suddenly one of us brings the brain cells to the fore and out pops the name. Sometimes I will remember the name an hour later, as it pings up in my mind.

I know brain activity does inevitably diminish as we grow older, and its not that I don’t feel alert, but I do think maybe I need a better filing system in my head.Superfoods in open palms

Its all very well saying eat goji berries,blueberries and raspberries to perk up your grey cells, but they aren’t cheap. Then you are told to eat protein, but not too much; ban sugar but eat enough fat; eat oily fish but not too frequently. Then there’s drink! Well one study will say that moderate drinking has a good effect on the brain, whilst the next says cut out alcohol. Then you’ve got to munch on nuts, eat copious amounts of spinach and sprouts, and whilst you are at it fast every other day with a one-day-on, one-day-off eating pattern to improve your brain synapses. All these confused messages are enough to addle anyone’s brain.

I kid myself that its because I am a great multi-tasker. And it does worry me about how I don’t use my brain as much  – the internet is always there with the answer. Pre internet you had to remember, now you just google it

So ladies its down to this  – good diet, regular exercise and not smoking. And actually I must say that I now find regular exercise does make a difference. It gives me time to get my thoughts into order too, and I definitely feel more energised afterwards.

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