How to make friends when your nest empties with Hens Dancing

Article by Gill Buchanan, Founder of

For many of us, when we get to a certain lifestage, kids leave home (or you wish they would!),  maybe you relocate, meeting new people is not always easy. What I find is that women are getting to this stage in their life and rather than hanging up their lipstick they want to do more and get more out of life. That’s why I set up Hens Dancing which is a women’s social group with monthly meetings happening across the South east and now, with our franchise opportunity, spreading throughout the UK.

I often get asked, ‘what is it actually like turning up at a Hens Dancing social event?’

Most women come on their own the first time and for some that’s a bit of a daunting prospect. The great thing about Hens Dancing is that all the meetings are hosted and from walking through the door you will be greeted with a warm welcome and be introduced to other members so you soon feel comfortable and can relax.

I love that quote by William Butler Yeats:

“There are no strangers here, only friends who haven’t yet met.”

It is so apt for Hens Dancing. I have hosted Coffee Mornings to launch new groups where 25 – 40 women who don’t know each other turn up and within minutes, lively conversation and laughter fill the room – it is so amazing to see. Often anyone turning up late assumes that everyone else knows each other!

I think the reason for this is that when you get a group of women together there’s a special camaraderie filling the air. Women are quick to find out what they have in common, to share life’s challenges and to be supportive of one another.

This is why all our meetings have a social element. So if we’re going to the theatre we meet for supper first, or if we are having a speaker we have a chance to mingle over a buffet and lots of our events are pure social fun from afternoon teas to supper clubs.

Hens Dancing works well for those that are on their own and want to make new friends and works equally well for those that are married but enjoy a night out with the girls.

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