Is the mid-life crisis dead?

People in their 50’s are much happier than those in their late 30’s and 40’s says a recent poll.
Apparently it is now 35 year olds who worry about old age. At 35 are you past your best?

Have you peaked and are you now sliding down a slippery slope?
Well hang on in there, as having passed the big 50 I have rarely felt better. Yes things are sagging a bit, my knees have become probably the most unattractive parts of my body, I have sadly had to accept that I cannot wear clothes that once I looked great in, and those damn grey hairs are forever needing touching up.

Did I achieve everything I wanted to in my career? Well, no I didn’t. Does it matter now? Absolutely not! These are not the important things in life. The health and happiness of family and friends are what really count.
Energy and enthusiasm don’t fade away with the years– in fact they grow. So take heart – you may feel fed up at 35 but I reckon the mid life crisis is definitely dead so it is all upwards from here on in! Once the kids are grown up and are independent, then the freedom to do what you want when you want is the payback for all those years of childrearing.

It is liberating and exciting to realise that you don’t have to put everyone else first in your plans, because suddenly you are free to do what suits you. The kids aren’t at home, and they don’t need feeding. The laundry pile shrinks by half, you don’t have to spend hours restocking the fridge preparing hearty meals. Okay your knees don’t look too great, and you probably shouldn’t wear short skirts unless they are hidden under opaque tights. You will have laughter lines and spend a lot more on moisturisers, but life after 50 is great.