Is this just a case of the winter blues?

Is it the change in season from autumn to winter that brings about a reappraisal of lifestyle and a reassessment of the important things in life? Or are the dark evenings just bringing feelings that another year is nearly over amidst the knowledge that somehow this has not been an easy year. Or maybe it is just an age conscious moment.

What ever it is, I do feel life is speeding past. There are major shifts in society and around the world that seem to happen so much faster nowadays, alongside the horrors of man’s inhumanity and his continued corruption and imposed inequalities that, if anything, seem to get worse.

Maybe it’s the story of a pensioner being brutally attacked for a few £, the sight of children scraping a living on waste heaps in India, a maimed soldier returning from Afganistan, or the fragilities of dear friends and family battling illness that serve to flag up people’s suffering. Whatever it is, the feel good factor from the summer, with the Jubilee (doesn’t that seem a long time ago now?) and the Olympics seems to me to have largely evaporated.

Instead I have been left with a feeling that life is accelerating, and I am definitely becoming more conscious of age, fine lines and saggy bits!

Perhaps for me it is also the realization that with my youngest daughter having just left home to rent a flat in London this is the end of an era. Home will always be a focal parental point for them, but from now on the kids will be “visiting” rather than “living at” home. Their bedrooms are gradually emptying of clothes and possessions, the radiators are turned down, and the doors closed.

For the first time this year I will be decorating the house and Christmas tree on my own, without all the fun of having them around for the run up to Christmas. Our family Christmas will start on the 24th December, when they stop work for the festive holiday, but with their friends and flats to return to, Christmas at home this year will be short lived – maybe that’s a good thing though, as it does go on a bit sometimes.

That will be the day, when we go to them for Xmas – then I really will feel I am skidding to the far side of middle age!