Marks & Spencer is now the place to go for face creams and make up.

Good old M&S has got some savvy people behind their latest venture – a sort of M&S meets SpaceNK beauty department, and to misquote their immortal phrase, it’s not just any make-up, it’s a great collection of all that is best in beauty, and all in one place. It sort of reminds me of a French chemist where you can find lots of simple, organic products.

With names like Apivita, Filorga, Murad and Nuxe this is not just another beauty counter in a department store. It has specially trained beauty staff, and from all reports the carefully chosen range of products is spot on. So far only the bigger stores offer the beauty department though.

What has surprised me recently is talking to beauty specialists who, without exception all say that so many well known high street products out on the market are little more than useless. Whether its Crème de la Mer or Lancome apparently all they really do is sit on top of your skin instead of penetrating into it.  Crème de la Mer is out of my league, so at least I haven’t wasted money on that brand.

So if you want products that deliver on what they promise, that restore balance and radiance to your skin, and really do promote skin rejuvenation, I suggest you ask a few pointed questions before you buy. To do any good, they have got to contain active ingredients in sufficient proportions. Personally, I wouldn’t now buy the bog standard, and expensive, high street brands. From personal experience Environ and Obagi ( both only available through trained therapists ) and SkinCeuticals are my favourite brands. So I will be back in to M&S soon to investigate…