Menopause: Now it is even discussed on the golf course!

I can remember when our mothers wouldn’t have dreamt of talking about the menopause other than in sotto voce whispers. It was just not a subject to raise other than with your doctor if you got desperate, made even more so because their mothers had never spoken to them about it either. Menopause and periods were only ever talked about as ‘the change’ and ‘the curse’ – how depressing is that! Though I must admit that in the days before the arrival of sanitary towels and tampons I too might have taken to my bed.

Nowadays though we women have most definitely ‘come out’ about the menopause. It is discussed wherever baby boomer women get together – having coffee in Café Nero, over lunch and even on the golf course. Hot flushes are now power surges, which sounds so much more dynamic and positive, and every woman’s magazine and femail article has got an item on coping with the menopause, eating the right food, taking exercise etc . Products to counteract it are now big business – I’m not too convinced that they work but maybe my Wellness cream is psychosomatic.

We are all now focused on fighting off the onset of older age, and holding back the effects of time – minimizing our fine lines, slapping on the moisturizer and regretting all those years spent basking in the Mediterranean sun. Where would the anti aging industry be without the menopause and our desire to overcome its effects? Thank god for highlights and hair dyes! By the way, whilst on the subject, if anyone knows of a way to deal with skin that is losing its elasticity I would be VERY grateful.

One of the best phrases for me however, that gives such a positive spin on an inevitable event is ‘menopausal zest’. What a great approach to helping us embrace our age and changing bodies.

There are so many positives, aside from the hot and gleaming moments and the more restless sleep patterns.

Our enthusiasm and creativity gets a reboot. It’s a time for taking stock and we feel more creative. New hobbies start up, we get enthused about cooking , gardening, holidays, keeping fit, starting new projects. Doing an art class, or learning a language – we have more time to try new things and opportunities.

We gain perspective on life as we suffer the sad loss of parents, and we see friends fighting illnesses like cancer. Menopause is a mid life signpost We tend to evaluate life and what is really important to us, and we no longer take things for granted.

We gain confidence and of course retain that ability to embarrass our now grown up children. We are more self expressive, and after years of bringing up children and working we feel empowered to speak out more, go for what we want and speak our minds. We can put ourselves first for once – what we want is as important as what others in the family want.

This is our time!

Seize the moment and go for it!