Need an instant face lift? Get your eyebrows trimmed!

Last year a couple of friends and I had a make over, and one of the tips that stuck in my mind was the importance of having well defined brows. I had never given them much thought before. Peering into the mirror at close quarters to put on some make up they just got the odd pluck and that was it. I’m lucky in that I don’t have bushy brows so I didn’t think there was much to be done. Eyebrows are very much a forgotten part of my face – the last thing I look at in the mirror, and yet when you think about it, they are so key to our expressions and they do frame and define the upper part of our face.

Then last week I went for the first time to a Shavata Brow bar, and oh what a difference!

First of all, there is virtually no discomfort. I thought it would bring tears to my eyes, but instead you lie back in a really comfy chair, the brow lady brushes your eyebrows to identify all the stragglers and does a quick cats cradle twiddly thing with a strand of cotton thread. Then, as she twists and whisks it across the hairs out they come . It’s all about shaping so you come away looking what I would call groomed. I must admit, when she was doing it I thought “oh my god, will there be anything left?”, but I had no idea there were so many hairs lurking under the brow- all the fine ones that you hardly see in the mirror , and way too many to pluck, but what a difference afterwards – so neat and it somehow lifted the whole eye area.

I would liken it to an instant face brightener and face lifter – it really makes your face look much ‘fresher’  – so all in all I would say it is a must for the middle aged lady!

I am converted, and definitely recommend it to all my readers on as I think my age group is the perfect target audience, given that menopause can make unwanted tufty facial hairs grow too! An instant face lift for £17 – not bad!

The only downside is having it all done out in the shop floor. I can see that it would put some people off, and I’m not sure why they seek to make it so public. You forget once you are lying back in the chair, but if it was anything other than eyebrows (eg other facial hair!) I would not be quite so happy to have it done in public!

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