Perfect make up for older skin

After years of using trying various brands of skin illuminating, fine line reducing foundation, I have found one that actually works brilliantly, thanks to an impromptu make up at the Nars stand at Style Magazine fashion show recently.

Encouraged by my daughter we queued up for some make up advice, and I am now a complete convert, and thrilled with my updated look and smooth looking skin.


Pure radiant tinted moisturizer

I dislike heavy foundation and have avoided anything that claims to camouflage dark shadows under the eyes as they always seem so heavy and can give a caked look on delicate skin. However, this tinted moisturiser from Nars is the first I have found that really does give a genuine “radiant glow”, if you’ll excuse the use of that much over used phrase. It is light to apply, smoothes out uneven skin tones, gives a sheer “no make up” look that really does last all day. It has revolutionised my make up routine. The tint that I use is Groenland, Light 3, but they will match your skin to the right shade.

I also now use their cream concealer to remove dark shadows around the eyes and nose, as it reflects the light and opens the eye area. A tip the make up expert gave me was to use a brown eyeliner, slightly smudged, rather that a hard black, and also to use a dark brown mascara rather than black, as black is harsh on older skins.

Dark shadow concealer

Dark shadow concealer

Finally the lip stick – why is it so hard to find a subtle every day shade? Well they solved that too – try their lipstick in “Dolce Vita” for a perfect gentle pink.


Lipstick, shade Dolce Vita

I am thrilled with my new make up – it is quick to apply and lasts the whole day. Nars was not a brand I had thought of using before, as I generally stuck with good old Bobby Brown which is aimed at older skins, but trust me – give Nars a try and you won’t regret it ( and I am not on commission!)