Remember that James Bond stunt? Take a walk over the 02 roof

Visiting London? I can thoroughly recommend that you book a walk over the 02 roof – the capital’s latest fun experience. You get properly kitted out in full body suit , harness and those carabini things that mountaineers always have dangling around their waists. Then you get clipped onto a central wire and up you go. Its actually quite steep and you sort have to haul yourself up the first part. Then the gradient eases off as you arrive at the viewing platform at the top.

And what views! You can see to the North Downs looking south, and i’m not sure what looking north, but its an amazing 360 degree vista around London.  At this point, having got hot with the exertion of climbing you suddenly become glad of the climbing suit as the wind whips up. I was lucky to do it on a dry and not too windy day, but basically they do not cancel the climb unless the wind is very bad – rain wont stop them so you definitely need to be clipped on. Otherwise once you started to slide even James Bond’s stunt rolling down the 02 roof would pale into insignificance.

Then, to get back to central London you can hop onto the Thames Clipper which will whisk you on a fascinating trip up the river, to Greenwich ( where we got off for lunch and a look around all the many free exhibitions there) and then into the centre of town. I hadn’t travelled up that part of the Thames for years and it is intriguing to see all the riverside developments – the whole area looks amazing and completely rejuvenated. Great views.