Smoothie heaven – I’m a complete convert!

smoothieI am now a complete convert to smoothie making. It started when my husband went off on a “boys” golfing trip for a few days. Without the obligation to cook, and no temptation to open a bottle of wine with supper, I thought I would try a detox for a few days. Spurred on by my daughter who is really into whisking up smoothies in her Nutribullet, I popped into the local health food shop to get some extra goodies and dusted off my liquidiser.
For 4 days I had a glass for breakfast, a light lunch and then a glass for supper. Amazingly I felt instantly energised, and four days later had lost 4 pounds without feeling hungry.
My husband then returned home after 4 days of post-golf over indulgence and even he was up for trying my smoothie detox.


So, two weeks into daily breakfast smoothies here is my recipe for a goodness packed and delicious smoothie – even if sometimes the colour isn’t that appealing!

So, first for the basics:smoothie 2
A banana
6cm cucumber
Juice of a lime
Handful of porridge oats
A couple of kiwis
Handful of spinach
A grated carrot
2 tabs coconut or plain yogurt
Almond milk – enough to make the smoothie sufficiently liquid

The list seems long but stock up the fridge and you will have enough for quite a lot of smoothie mixes.

Now for the health enthusiasts supplements! I add in a heaped desert spoon of each of:
Acai powder
Baobab powdersmoothie 4
Milled flax
Milled hemp
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Basically you can add in whatever you want. Add a mango, or kale for example.
I find the lime and coconut yogurt are good staples. You can water down a thick smoothie with water.

For variations try addingsmoothie 3
Spelt flakes instead of oats
Berries ( frozen ones are easiest and cheapest) instead of kiwis
Sprouted seeds
A rounded teaspoon of turmeric
Green super foods, like spirulina, wheatgrass etc

Store in the fridge in a jug or ready to drink in glasses, closely cling filmed, and eat within 24 hours.

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