Ten rules for the middle aged woman!

What is “middle age” nowadays?

Is it 40? 50? Approaching my mid 50’s, with my nest emptied and still feeling in my prime, I would say that middle age now carries on well into your 60’s. How different it all is from our parents and grand parents generations. Our own expectations from life, health, fashion, fitness – they all add up to us feeling a good 10 years younger than we are.

That said however here are 10 pitfalls to stay well clear of:

  1. Facial hair – look out for those sneaky sprouting hairs around the chin and remove them.
  2. Watch your fashion choices – above the knee fashion is best worn with 60 denier black tights in the winter, or on very hot days once your legs have got a tan. Older knees rarely look great.
  3. Likewise avoid any suggestion of the girly look whether in style or fabric. Strappy sleeves, frilly skirts, gingham etc (unless going as a cow girl to a fancy dress party which should be avoided, see below!).
  4. Drink by all means, but beware of the drink + disco dancing combo. You may think you are really rocking it, but if you ever get a friend to video just a short burst of you dancing, you will realise what you look like. Unless everyone else is tiddly too of course, in which case ‘who cares?’
  5. If you are standing on the train or tube do not engage in eye contact with a very young person who is sitting down, unless you want to be offered a seat for looking old.
  6. All those articles that say exercise keeps you fit, healthy, and improves body and skin tone are absolutely right. There is no escape.
  7. Keep up with technology. IT is moving ahead so fast. Face time? Tweetdecks? don’t get left behind.
  8. If you are having a party, please don’t make it fancy dress. No middle ages lady looks good in a party wig, and we would all prefer to have our hair done and wear something we feel good in.
  9. Any energetic sexual positions that might cause sagging bits to sag even more are best executed with the lights well dimmed
  10. Don’t get staid with your make up. Take yourself off for a free department store makeover at least once a year. You will be amazed at all the new products and camouflage techniques to give your skin a (almost) youthful bloom again.

And remember – you are still in your prime!

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