The foodie pit falls of working from home

As someone who spends many hours in front of the computer, updating my website and researching information, I am only too well aware of the disadvantages of working at home. No walk to the station, walk to work, or negotiating the underground adds up to a lot of unused calories, all of which is made worse by accessible food in the kitchen cupboards.

To start with there are all the diversions that you get when working at home– from chatting on the phone to putting on the washing. Then there is the stiff neck from too much computer work, and the ‘quick’ tweet where you find 30 minutes has passed in a flash. The worse thing though is dealing with the munchies, for which my technique is to not work within sniffing distance of the kitchen, otherwise there are just too many temptations. So here are my suggestions:

Make sure you get some form of exercise each day. On the basis that I don’t have a commute I aim to build some exercise into each day. I try to go to the gym three times a week and do a couple of long fast walks with friends to get some fresh air and socialize at the same time – less calorific than a couple of cappucinos and the social side is a bonus given that working at home can be quite solitary. Even standing up to do a few stretches to a song on the radio is a good way of exercising the muscles.

Plan lunches and don’t buy high calorie food. I find that if I plan my lunch there is less opportunity to eat too much. A bowl of soup, a handful of dried fruit for an energy boost, and an apple is fine, and I eat away from my computer, whilst reading the paper, so that I don’t rush it.

Watch out for temptation. If you feel hungry, have a cup of tea or a cold drink – drink takes hunger away. I also work on the basis that if you don’t buy cakes and  biscuits etc, then you can’t be tempted to eat them. just dont get distracted into the temptation to bake one!

Have regular meal times. I always have a good breakfast, and I try hard not to have a grazing lunch at the computer to give eyes a rest and get out of the chair. Whisking the hoover around may not be the most enjoyable job, but as a quick 10 minute break it works wonders on me and the floor, and is a good diversion if I feel puckish. Sad soul that I am, I have just bought a steam floor cleaner, so I think I will be doing my ‘ I want to break free’ dance round the kitchen with that this week for a quick work out.

Finally, keep a watch on your weight. Sedentary work is a recipe for weight gain, so if you put on a kilo, don’t let it sit there – take action to lose it fast before another kilo creeps onto the scales.

So, where’s that new floor cleaner then …