Time to spring clean your wardrobe

Spring Cleaning Your WardrobeCoat hangers

Most women have a nucleus of 25% of their wardrobe which gets worn 75% of the time, so a clear out means you can access the pieces you wear much more easily and identify the gaps that necessitate a new purchase!

Aim to sort and streamline your wardrobe each spring and autumn as you get the next season’s clothes and shoes out. Be ruthless, and unless they are timeless quality pieces (some clothes do have several lives!) give to charity (or sell on eBay) anything that does not make you feel good, that looks tired, or that you haven’t worn in years. Prime candidates are suits or dresses that you’ve kept because you spent a lot of money on them years ago, and shoes that were a bargain in the sales but you can’t remember when you last wore them.

So ask yourself:

  • do I look good in this?
  • does it flatter my shape?Shoes
  • will I realistically wear it  again?
  • when did I last wear it?
  • does the colour suit me?
  • is it too young for me now?
  • is it a classic?
  • is it completely out of fashion (padded shoulders!)?
  • would altering the hem line give  it fresh life?

A good friend can be really useful for this, and then you  can repay the favour. But beware – retro is very popular & fashion has a  habit of repeating itself.

Paying a professional to go through your clothes is  expensive, but actually good value – they will rejuvenate your wardrobe,  ruthlessly discard what doesn’t suit you, show you how to wear what you have to  maximum effect and identify key items to buy that will complement what you have  already.

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