The most important areas to focus on is the CV – an applicant has only one chance to get through that first selection hurdle – and the CV is that chance. Experience has shown that even a CV written by the most eloquent of students will benefit from an adult’s review to bring focus, direction and appeal.

If you are asked to review your son or daughter’s CV here are some guidance notes:

  • Head it up with a description of company – 1 line
  • Then write a description of the job title – 2 lines
  • Using bullet points state the specific things that they have done that relate to the job title and their outcomes, ie: I did X because of my skills in Y, and it helped (whoever they were working for) to achieve Z.
  • Put everything into context, as nothing can be just a value judgment. The things they have been doing must link to the job description
  • Covering letters should describe where they are and where they want to be

Click here for an example of a CV for some one who has had some work experience. It will help with layout for a first job application too. Keep it short and brief.