What’s in a handbag?

The latest bag promotion at Selfridges is the Urban Survival Kit bag. Supported by the likes of Mulberry, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Anya Hindmarsh and Eastpak they are full of everything you might want to survive a summer of high octane sport and activity. Each contains the designer’s own interpretation of what it will take to get through the next few weeks.

Which takes me onto Nora Ephron (You’ve Got Mail / Sleepless In Seattle / When Harry Met Sally), who had such an amazing talent for hitting the nail on the head with her witty script writing and musings on life. Her book “I Feel Bad About My Neck” has had a resurgence since her death and just makes you chuckle – its not all about old age – it is just about life in general. Actually I can sort of imagine Michael Palin doing a man’s version.

Anyway, back to Nora and handbags, which is where I was going before my daughter looked over my shoulder and told me about Selfridges Survival Bags.

Nora’s musing on the contents of a woman’s handbag is brilliant. As she puts it – its for women who ‘find it appalling that a purse might cost $600’ and whose purses are ‘full of a morass of loose TicTacs, lipsticks without tops, tampons that have come loose from their wrappings, leaky ball point pens…’

I could add to that old train tickets and shopping lists ( essential if I am to remember to buy the stuff we have actually run out of, rather than the things I then end up with three of), various half full packs of paper hankies, a purse that regularly gets depleted of cash when daughter on ‘unpaid work experience’ needs train fare subbing, scribbled telephone numbers on scraps of paper that later mean nothing to me, and a safety pin or two – well you never know do you? And the elastic did once go in my grey flannel school knickers, and did I wish I had a safety pin then!

The bag rule is of course keep it small, as the larger the bag the more stuff gets lost in it never to resurface, but you just never know when you will need that vital extra item lurking at the bottom of your bag!